Recent Painting Photography

Click on a thumbnail below to see medium resolution sample images of recent paintings I’ve photographed. These images are one-fifth the size of the high resolution images I deliver. The high resolution images can be up to 20 megabytes — since I don’t want to crash your web browser, these are smaller examples.

Is bad photography hurting your sales?
Off color, low dynamic range, fuzzy images and glare can quickly turn off a potential buyer.
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Features & Benefits

  • Even Lighting Coverage Across Entire Image.
  • Accurate & Dynamic Color Reproduction.
  • Perfectly Squared Rectilinear Image with no Lens Distortion.
  • 36 Megapixel Image Shows Every Brushstroke in Vivid Detail.
  • Glare Free — Even on a Varnished Nocturne.
  • High Fidelity Colors with Great Detail.

High Color Accuracy

  • High Key Images Retain Details without Blowing Out.
  • Exquisite Detail in Brushstrokes.
  • Rich Colors Captured without Becoming Oversaturated.
  • Impasto Revealed without Shadows.
  • Subtle Colors Retain Variation.
  • Fine Details Revealed in up to 7360 x 4912 Pixel Images.