COVID-19 Policy

I would like to reassure you that I will be taking all Covid-19 policy precautions advised by the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health in regards to COVID-19. Client safety is my number one priority!

I commit to:

  1. Monitor my own health and err on the side of caution to reschedule if I have any possible symptoms of the virus.
  2. Deliver all images by WeTransfer, though I will provide them on a USB Thumb drive if requested.
  3. Stay home as much as possible to limit my exposure to the virus.
  4. Reschedule appointments for 14 days if I find I’ve been exposed to the virus.

At meetings, I will:

  1. Meet outside when picking up or delivering paintings.
  2. Make no physical greetings such as hugs or handshakes.
  3. Take my temperature before each meeting.
  4. Wash my hands before each meeting.
  5. Wear a mask and gloves at meetings.
  6. Limit contact with paintings and wear gloves when handling them.


I will have a liberal rescheduling policy where either of us can reschedule up to the time of the meeting if there is a concern for safety. I also ask that clients reschedule if they are not feeling well, even if it is mild and also let me know if they become ill within a week after the meeting.

Covid-19 Attitude

I believe that these reasonable steps are the best way to protect my clients, their families, and the community at large. However, I need your help! I encourage all clients with active symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath to immediately consult with their healthcare provider and to cancel your appointment.

Although the news on the spread of this virus can be very depressing, I am encouraged by the spirit of the people of the Minnesota to work together and overcome this challenge.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Hopefully, this situation will pass and resolve itself quickly so we can return to normal life again.

Be safe, be well and check on those around you.

– Mitch Rossow

Covid-19 Policy

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