Selling Fine Artwork Prints to Increase Sales

A Conversation with Amira Freidson, Artist Business Manager

Talk about a dynamic duo, Matthew is married to Amira Freidson, a professional artist manager.

When Amira brought Matthew’s paintings to me to photograph we had a great conversation about making prints and how to properly market them. They were trying out making prints on aluminum but they weren’t working because the scans caused a moire pattern. Also called ‘the screen door effect,’ it ruined the image for the prints.

This is something I’m acutely aware of. I used to work at a high-end scanning company years ago. By imaging so closely to the original, scanning introduces a rhythm in the file that when printed at high resolution causes an interference or moire pattern. My technique of photographing is akin to the of sound tube amps in high end audio; it evades the rigidness of scanning and thus creates more accurate images without the moire/banding defect.

This is exactly what Amira and Matthew were looking for. After an initial test, Amira returned with more on Matthew’s paintings for me to photograph for making high-end aluminum prints to sell at Art-a-Whirl.

I went to visit many of my clients at Northrup King’s Art-a-Whirl and stopped in to see Matthew and Amira. Their studio was PACKED. And they were selling! I was truly impressed with their success and wanted to learn more. What does Amira have to say about the business of selling prints?

Amira Freidson’s advice on Selling Artist’s Prints

For artists that are hesitant to offer prints, it is a myth that prints mean you have “sold out” or that the value of your originals will go down. An artist selling prints is the equivalent of musicians selling recordings of their songs. Recorded music does not have the same magic as a live performance, but it can make their music more accessible to a lot more people.

Prints help people acquire an artist’s work when they can’t afford an original. If the artist’s intention is to share their work with as many people as possible, prints allow their work to be seen in more than just one home. And, finally, high-quality prints are a great source of revenue for artists.

Northrup King’s Art Attack & Art-a-Whirl

We do several art shows throughout the midwest each year. Art-a-Whirl is one of our highest grossing, and one of the most fun events we do! We love that we’re in Matthew’s gallery in Northrup King Building, so it has that feeling of being at home. Since it’s the first big show of the summer show season, it’s an exciting opportunity to display the paintings Matthew had been working on all winter. We’ve always had great success with Art-a-Whirl. The large variety and number of attendees brings us a lot of sales, both in original paintings and prints.

Being an Artist Business Manager

I got my start in this business many years ago. As I traveled and attended art shows across the country, I learned I was able to apply my knowledge of business and sales to the art world. Soon after Matthew and I met, he asked me for advice on which paintings to submit for a couple of competitions – he won both with my selections. After several more successes and significantly increased sales, it wasn’t long before Matthew was paying me full-time to manage all of his arts business affairs.

As we participated in (and attended) more arts events, other artists began to ask me for help and tips on how they could improve the business end of their art. I had an amazing time connecting with artists from across the country, and founded A.M.F. – Artist Business Management Services. I have now worked with artists for 6 years, managing and advising about the business end of the art world. I have a keen understanding of the business aspects of what it takes to sell art and promote artists. I love to talk to artists about their work, and help them to reach their goals!

More information about the services I offer to artists can be found on my website:

Matthew Rucker and Amira Freidson

Feelin' Groovy detail-Matthew Rucker
Feelin' Groovy-Matthew Rucker