How I Became an Oil Painting Photographer

How I developed my technique and portfolios of the artists who hire me to document their work.

Back around the turn of the century, I was studying landscape oil painting with Joe Paquet. As a freelance website designer and photographer, I consequently built websites for the painters I met. It was at that time that I discovered how complicated photographing an oil painting is.

Here’s the cool thing: I grew up in a print shop and worked in the darkroom after school running a half-ton process camera. So I had the skills & training to solve this problem. I reinvented the process with modern technology: developed new techniques, built my own specialized equipment and found the perfect camera and lens for this highly specific service.

As a result I have the pleasure of working for some of the best artists, delivering high-quality images at great prices.

Fine Art Painting Photography Showcases

Click on the paintings to see each artist’s paintings and learn more about them.

Artists that have their paintings photographed by Mitch Rossow

Jane Grant-Abban
Amy Ahrens
Abigail Barrett
Ben Bauer
Noa Beck
Doug Berg
Don Biehn
Roger Blum
Edward Bock
Carl Bretzke
Kristie Bretzke
Elisabeth Bednar
David Beddow
Sharell Benson
Don Biehn
Renee Boynton
Jon Burns
Karen Caldwell
Jeremy Carling
Barb Casey
Carl Cedergren
John Christenson
Scott Christopher
Allison Conyers
Susan Steging Cook
Chris Copeland
Gail Cornell
Eric Cornett

Joshua Cunningham
Jack Dant
Derek Davis
Marc DeBauch
Jen DeWalt
Keith Dixon
Jenny Douglas
Pat Duncan
Igor Dukic
Andy Evensen
Lisa Fertig
Abbey Fitzgerald
Tom Fluharty
Diane Foster
Carolyn Francis
Jeanne Frink
Nanci Fulmek
Louise Gillis
Katharine Gotham
Margie Grinnell
Mark Hamel
Leanne Hanson
Hannah C. Heyer
Joseph A. Hoida
Jeffrey Hurinenko
Leeya Jackson

Megan Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Joni Jurek
Cynthia Kath
Deb Kirkeeide
Richard Kochenash
Kevin Komadina
Brendan Kramp
Ann Larson
Mandy Leonard
Johanna Lerwick
Steve Levin
William McClaren
Pat McDonald
Tom McGregor
Mary McLean
Bill Moeger
Kasia Muzyka
Andy Ness
Doug Niesen
Dan Olson
Paul Oxborough
Dyan Padgett
Joe Paquet
Beth Peck

Mary Pettis
Jessica Pietraszewski
Elizabeth Putnam
Lois Rhomberg
Jeri Lyn Reinhardt
John Rotilie
Matthew Rucker
Kelly Schamberger
Janel Schelzel
Andrew Sjodin
Megan Moore Smith
Cheryl LeClair-Sommer
Sharon Stadther
Joyce Staley
Jennifer Stano
Jill Stebbins
Jean Stromwall
David Sudduth
Kimberly Tschida
Bob Upton
Patty Voje
James Vose
Becca Wells
John Wegner
Sue Wipf
Mike Wodnick

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