John Wegner self portrait

John Wegner

Fine Art Oil & Portrait Painter

John Wegner is a Minneapolis-based artist with a passion for oil painting. His incredibly detailed style is showcased in his beautiful portraits, which are inspired by representational art and poetic realism. John is currently studying part-time at The Art Academy of St. Paul to further develop his skills and expand his artistic abilities.

John’s educational background is extensive and diverse, having studied at several institutions including Brushworks School of Art in Burnsville, MN, Joseph Paquet Studios in St. Paul, MN, Thomas Fluharty in Prior Lake, MN, The Atelier in Minneapolis, MN, and The Art Academy in St. Paul, MN.

In addition to his formal education, John has also participated in various workshops to further refine his craft. In 2018, he attended a portrait drawing workshop at The Florence Academy of Art in Jersey City, NJ, and in 2019, he traveled to Florence, Italy, to attend workshops focused on drawing, painting, and art history at the same institution.

John’s dedication to his craft is evident in the stunning portraits he creates, each one a testament to his skill and attention to detail. He is constantly seeking to improve and expand his artistic abilities, pushing himself to create even more beautiful and engaging pieces of art.

As a resident of Minneapolis, John is an active member of the local art community, sharing his passion for oil painting with others and continually inspiring those around him. With his impressive educational background, dedication to his craft, and unique artistic vision, John Wegner is truly a remarkable artist with a bright future ahead.
Learn more about John Wegner at his website.