Whimsey by Steve Levin – detail of 36 megapixel image.

Oil Painting & Artwork Photography Pricing

Oil Painting Photography & other 2D artwork photography with no glare & accurate color at affordable prices. 36 Megapixel files provided.

Artwork Photography Pricing

  • $25 each for paintings up to 24×36 inches.
  • $50 Setup charge per session.
  • Setup charge waved for 20 or more paintings.
  • $10 each extra for oversized paintings, up to 48×80 inches
  • $5 each extra for complicated packaging

File Formats & Sizes

  • High-resolution JPEG image. 36 megapixel image, sRGB jpg 100%.
  • Facebook & email friendly size. 2000px long edge, sRGB jpg 50%.
  • Optional: MN State Fair specs files.
  • Custom format available: i.e. Adobe 1998, TIFF, camera RAW.
  • Files provided by WeTransfer. Or USB drive (add $5).
  • Cropping options: to edge of image or edge of canvas.


  • Full payment due at pickup. Make checks payable to Mitch Rossow Design Inc.
  • Paintings must be unframed or removed from frame (frames cast shadows or reflect color onto the artwork).
  • Turnaround time is usually 24 hours. Larger collections may be longer.
  • Tips for Transporting your Artwork.
  • If you are in a hurry or from out of town, we can schedule it so you can drop off the paintings an come back as soon as they are done.

Color Management Experience

  • Advanced color correction experience.
  • Perfect color vision (independently verified).
  • Experience working with top artists.
  • Professional high-end Nikon equipment and professional studio lighting.
  • System set up just for photographing paintings.
  • Art degree in design, studied landscape painting with Joe Paquet.


  • Pickup and Delivery available. $3.00/mile plus parking.
  • If you aren’t in the Minneapolis area you can ship your artwork to me.
  • Archival services. Images pulled from archive and emailed, from $25.

Get Started Today!

Shipping Paintings to Mitch Rossow Artwork Photography

If you are not in the Minneapolis Metro area and would like me to photograph your paintings you can ship them to me. I do not travel to photograph paintings. My studio is configured exclusively for photographing artwork. The setup is complicated and engineered for precision alignment. Also, the entire studio is monochrome to prevent color reflections.

  • It is my experience that UPS is the best shipper, they handle the packages carefully and deliver them to me most responsibly.
  • Get 2 shipping labels. One for sending it to me and a return label. Include the return label in the package. Once the artwork is photographed, I will remove the original shipping labels and apply the return label then drop it off at the UPS Store.
  • Tell me in advance how many pieces and their sizes, I will send you an invoice so that you can include payment in the package as well.
  • Schedule with me before you ship so I know when it is coming.
  • Send me the tracking number.
  • Pack you artwork securely. Damage in shipping is your or the shipper’s responsibility.
  • For internal packing, be aware that I need to repack your paintings. Foam pieces, foam core  and cardboard are preferred.
  • Don’t use gaff tape, duct tape, packaging tape or other aggressive tapes. I prefer blue masking tape or something similar because if the tape comes in contact with the artwork it won’t damage it.

My Address:
2886 James Ave S, #208
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Image Copyright

You retain full right to reproduce and distribute the photos in perpetuity. I provide several sizes for you to use including the full high resolution image (up to 36 megapixel). Of course I would gratefully appreciate if you say that that I photographed your art on your website or publications and link to this website, but it is not required.

Meet a few of my Artwork Photography Clients