Whimsey by Steve Levin – detail of 36 megapixel image.

Oil Painting & Artwork Photography Pricing

Oil Painting Photography & other 2D artwork photography with no glare & accurate color at affordable prices. 36 Megapixel files provided.

Artwork Photography Pricing

  • $25 each for paintings up to 24×36 inches.
  • $50 Setup charge per session.
  • Setup charge waved for 20 or more paintings.
  • $10 each extra for oversized paintings, up to 48×80 inches
  • $5 each extra for complicated packaging

File Formats & Sizes

  • High-resolution JPEG image. 36 megapixel image, sRGB jpg 100%.
  • High-resolution TIFF image. 36 megapixel image, Adobe1998 TIFF (optional).
  • Facebook & email friendly size. 2000px long edge, sRGB jpg 50%.
  • Custom format available: i.e. 300ppi Adobe 1998 RGB TIFF.
  • Files provided by WeTransfer. Or USB drive (add $5).
  • Cropping options: to image, edge of canvas — optional: include color bars.


  • Full payment due at pickup. Checks payable to Mitch Rossow Design Inc.
  • Paintings must be unframed or removed from frame (frames cast shadows or reflect color onto the artwork).
  • Turnaround time: 24 hours or less.
  • Tips for Transporting your Artwork.
  • If you are in a hurry or from out of town, we can schedule it so you can drop off the paintings an come back as soon as they are done.

Color Management Experience

  • Advanced color correction experience.
  • Perfect color vision (independently verified).
  • Experience working with top artists.
  • Professional high-end Nikon equipment and professional studio lighting.
  • System set up just for photographing paintings.
  • Art degree in design, studied landscape painting with Joe Paquet.


  • Pickup and Delivery available. $3.00/mile plus parking.
  • Archival services. Images pulled from archive and emailed, from $25.

Referral Bonus

  • Referral bonus for existing clients: refer a new artist, after they have 10 paintings photographed you get 1 free.

Image Copyright

You retain full right to reproduce and distribute the photos in perpetuity. I provide several sizes for you to use including the full high resolution image (up to 36 megapixel). Of course I would gratefully appreciate if you say that that I photographed your art on your website or publications and link to this website, but it is not required. 

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