Handling & Transporting Artwork

Most Plein Air painters use wet panel carriers because they are literally transporting artwork wet from the field. I recommend transporting artwork to my studio in a wet panel carrier. It protects them from damage in your car (sudden stop) and keeps them clean. Also, be sure to clean out your cases from time to time with compressed air or simply washing them with water and placing them upside down to dry.

If you don’t have a wet panel carrier, placing artwork in a box with cloth or wax paper between pieces also works, but be careful if your artwork has thick impasto. Consider even an inexpensive cardboard carrier.

For transporting and handling large artwork, consider making a DIY Custom Artwork Carrier, here are the instructions.

Protect your Artwork from Dust

Dust on a painting, especially a freshly-varnished one, flares up when I photograph it. Frequently I carefully remove dust from dry paintings before I shoot them with a very low pressure air cleaner (the same kind photographers use to clean lenses). I strive to make the images of your art as perfect as possible. I know that you as an artist see the paint, but please be mindful of what happens to your art after you complete it. Varnish it in a clean setting. Keep your art carriers clean to help me to accurately reproduce your artwork.

How Rossow Photography Handles Artwork

I frequently handle wet or freshly-varnished paintings, many of my clients bring them to me to shoot them before a show or shipping them to galleries. Please let me know if your painting is still wet, recently varnished or has thick impasto. I keep my studio clean and carefully handle your art while photographing it. If I know in advance, I will handle them from the sides and return them to their cases after shooting. If a painting is wet and by rare chance I get paint on my hands from even the side of the canvas I will let you know so you can touch it up if need be.

Recent Painting Photos

I Am The Daughter-painting by Kelly Schamberger

I Am The Daughter

by Kelly Schamberger
Hollyhock-painting by Dyan Padgett-210209


by Dyan Padgett
Boatyard - Quarter Moon 12x24-painting by Carl Bretzkephotographed by Mitch Rossow

Boatyard – Quarter Moon

by Carl Bretzke
White Snapdragons and Blue Vase 36x24-painting by Louise GillisMitch Rossow

White Snapdragons and Blue Vase

by Louise Gillis
Dancing Village Light 12x9-Mary Pettis

Dancing Village Light

by Mary Pettis
Sprat-painting by Nanci Fulmek-210415

Sprat, Horse Portrait

by Nanci Fulmek
Mary in the Garden-painting by Carl Bretzke photographed by Mitch Rossow

Mary in the Garden

by Carl Bretzke
Books & Butterflies 5-painting by Steve Levinphotographed by Mitch Rossow -210731Mitch Rossow

Books & Butterflies 5

by Steven J. Levin
Zinnia-painting by Leanne Hanson


by Leanne Hanson
Dairy Queen-painting by Patty Voje-210713

Dairy Queen

by Patty Voje
Solace-painting by Kelly Schamberger-210808Mitch Rossow


by Kelly Schamberger
Sunset, Tuscany 30x50-painting by Joe Paquet

Sunset, Tuscany

by Joe Paquet
The Way painting by Igor Dukic

The Way

by Igor Dukic
Jasmine-painting by-Matthew Rucker-detail


by Matthew Rucker
Consciousness-painting by Igor Dukic


by Igor Dukic
Guide painting by Igor Dukic


by Igor Dukic
Shay-painting by Nanci Fulmek

Shay, Horse Portrait

by Nanci Fulmek
Dance of Atoms-painting by Igor Dukic

Dance of Atoms

by Igor Dukic
Evening on the Arno 36x50-painting by Joe Paquet

Evening on the Arno

by Joe Paquet
At The Pulitzer Bar 54x72-painting by Paul Oxborough

At The Pulitzer Bar

by Paul Oxborough
Raindrop Abstract-painting by Carl Bretzke

Raindrop Abstract

by Carl Bretzke
Marty's Pond In Spring-painting by Mary Pettis

Marty’s Pond In Spring

by Mary Pettis
Round Barn-painting by Sue Wipf

Round Barn

by Sue Wipf
Speak Low, Shanghai 38x52-painting by Paul Oxborough

Speak Low, Shanghai

by Paul Oxborough
Foothills Crossroad 12x24 painting by Carl Bretzke

Foothills Crossroad

by Carl Bretzke
Toward Denver (Lasater) painting by Joe Paquet

Toward Denver (Lasater)

by Joe Paquet
Superior Forest-painting by Mary Pettis

Superior Forest

by Mary Pettis
My Garden Peonies-painting by Sue Wipf

My Garden Peonies

by Sue Wipf
At Hanky Panky 34 x 44-painting by Paul Oxborough

At Hanky Panky

by Paul Oxborough
Pink Promise-Painting by Sue Wipf

Pink Promise

by Sue Wipf