Igor Dukic Abstrat Acylic painter

Igor Dukic

Abstract Acrylic Painter

Igor Dukic is a Yugoslavian (Bosnian) born artist, currently living in Minneapolis. “For me, making art is a spiritual practice. I create from a place of no mind–from inner stillness.” His art is dynamic and playful, yet expertly designed and striking. Photographing his large paintings present a special challenge with their large areas of a single vibrant color, the lighting has to be perfect across the whole area, a true demonstration of Mitch Rossow’s custom lighting technique.

Igor’s paintings are available here at his website

Paintings I’ve Photographed for Igor Dukic

Click on the paintings to see larger image and more details about each painting. Actual files provided are up to 36 megapixel images. Details and pricing are here.