Jack Dant Artist Statement

Painting for me has been a fascinating process of learning, unlearning, exploring and above all, expanding my ability to observe the world.

I’ve been exposed to some form of art all of my life, primarily through my family members; all of whom share a passion for design in one form or another. Until relatively recently, I hadn’t ventured into formal training in any media, being satisfied to “be artistic”. It was only after stumbling upon the Hurinenko and Paquet Studio in Lower town St. Paul (MN) that the idea of pursuing a formal education was set in motion.

Through Jeff Hurinenko, with his inspiring work and patient instruction in Flemish still life and portraiture, I learned lessons in value, subtle warm and cool colors and the importance of accuracy in drawing. Joe Paquet, a master of landscape painting and an incredibly articulate instructor, challenges me to observe the world deeply and create paintings that reflect the moment being observed. This, through an intricate weaving of intuition and a solid education in the prismatic palette.

I’ve also received some insightful watercolor instruction from the amazing Andy Evansen and enjoy exploration into this new medium. In addition, I’ve recently been delighted to dive into the world of etching, learning from Stuart Loughridge, a generous and gifted St. Paul artist.

Growing up with the familiar smell of linseed oil from my mom’s basement painting classes, I suppose it’s no surprise that I eventually ended up working in oils. My life in art tends to take on a “sampler platter” mentality, trying on different forms to see how I responded to them and they to me. My hope is that my future in painting continues to be a challenging, rewarding smorgasbord of learning and expression.