Mary Pettis Fine Art Oil Painting Photography

Portrait by Matt Kania

Mary Pettis Plein Artist, Painter

Portrait by Dr. Gretchen Stein 

Mary Pettis

Art Renewal Center’s ARC Living Master™ 

Mary Pettis has traveled the world to learn her craft. Her Plein Air painting style is unique owing to her many influences and experiences. From Russia to Hawaii to China, she moves about with boundless energy. When she brings her paintings to me to photograph it’s always a joy to see her. I’m always amazed by how much she is able to paint amidst her travel, teaching and producing shows. She recently had a solo exhibition at Minnesota Orchestra Hall titled Beyond the Surface: Music, Painting and Debussy.

My photos of her paintings have appeared in multiple art magazines and publications including an exhibition catalog for the Minnesota Orchestra show entitled Beyond the Surface. Her press coverage, gallery representation and sales are impressive.

I would love to claim that her success is because of my photos of her work, but they’re only an essential part of a complete marketing plan. Her real ace is a great business partner, Jen Kochevar, who helps her with the business of art. They take the business of selling her paintings very seriously and I take pride in being a part of the process.

In her work, Mary Pettis, Expressive Realist, draws heavily upon her classical training and Russian influence. Mary has been juried into and won awards in national and international painting events and exhibitions from New York City to Scottsdale and Maui to Barcelona.

Her art has taken her to the far corners of the world: China, Russia, and much of Europe. She has exhibited widely, including the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and collectors of her work reach across the globe. Mary is recognized as an eloquent and respected speaker, teacher and mentor, teaching in the Upper Midwest, Tuscany, Venice, France, and Hawaii.

Learn more about Mary Pettis by visiting her website.

Testimonial from Mary Pettis

I am an oil painter working in the contemporary style of expressive realism. Mitch Rossow has been my photographer for a few years now, and I have nothing but glowing words to describe what it is like to work with him. His photos have captured accurately the gamut of color palettes that I use, whether the subject is an 8×10” Plein Air flower study, the subtle gradations in 30×40” sunrises over the ocean, or large 4×6’ studio paintings of Italian villages and vistas.

I have had numerous paintings digitally scanned over the years, and I find that Mitch’s photos produce the same results for far less cost. We have sent his images to all venues including feature articles in national publications, international salons and competitions, and books and catalogs. It is wonderful to know that the photos I am sending are of the highest caliber, and meet all their specifications.

I need to add here that Mitch is a joy to work with, is very flexible and patient, and has a well trained, discerning eye.

Needless to say, I recommend him highly!