Andrew Sjodin at the easel

Andrew Sjodin: Minneapolis Fine Art Painter Creating Introspective and Fulfilling Experiences

Andrew Sjodin is a Minneapolis-based fine art painter known for his somber and contemplative works. Born in 1981 in Pipestone, MN, Andrew’s artistic journey has taken him from teaching English in Thailand to discovering his passion for painting in the picturesque landscapes of Homer, Alaska. Inspired by the old masters and guided by the principles of French Academic drawing, Andrew’s work combines technical skill with an impressionistic approach to color. Through his still lifes and figure pieces, primarily in oils, he invites viewers to slow down, dwell within the artwork, and embark on an introspective journey. Let’s delve deeper into Andrew Sjodin’s artistic path, education, exhibitions, and teaching experience.

Andrew Sjodin’s Education and Atelier Training

Andrew’s artistic journey took a significant turn in 2008 when he attended a painting course led by Asia Freeman while living in Alaska. Impressed by his talent, Freeman encouraged Andrew to pursue art more seriously and even suggested considering an MFA program. Taking her advice to heart, Andrew returned to Minnesota a few months later and began exploring various artistic training programs. It was during this search that he stumbled upon the atelier program model, which immediately resonated with him as the correct path.

In 2010, Andrew commenced his formal training as an artist, draftsman, and painter at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts in Minneapolis, MN. Under the guidance of instructors Dale Redpath and Cyd Wicker, Andrew spent four years studying the drawing and painting methods of the old masters. His dedication and commitment to his craft earned him a position as an instructor with The Atelier’s full-time program in 2018, where he continues to teach and share his expertise.

Andrew Sjodin Artistic Style and Vision

Andrew Sjodin’s artistic style harmoniously blends the foundations of French Academic drawing with an impressionistic approach to color and perception. His compositions are characterized by their simplicity and mindfulness, inviting viewers to embrace a slower pace and immerse themselves in the work and their own thoughts. Through his somber and quiet pieces, Andrew aims to create an experience that is introspective, subtle, complex, and ultimately fulfilling for both himself and the audience.

Andrew Sjodin Exhibitions and Recognition

Andrew Sjodin’s talent has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Notable exhibitions include the 42nd Annual Painting, Sculpture, and Graphics Exhibition at The Salmagundi Club in New York, NY, where he received the prestigious Audubon Artists, Inc. Award. His participation in the 16th International ARC Salon, where he was recognized as a finalist in the Figurative and Semi-Finalist in the Still Life categories, further solidifies his standing as a respected artist.

Other noteworthy exhibitions include the Annual Small Works Show at Studio Pintura in Minneapolis, MN, the Boston International Fine Art Show at the Boston Center for the Arts, and the L.A. Art Show in Los Angeles, CA. Andrew’s works have been featured at Arcadia Contemporary galleries in New York, NY, and the Art Renewal Center, among others.

Andrew Sjodin Teaching Experience

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Andrew Sjodin is a dedicated instructor. Since 2018, he has served as a Full-Time Program Instructor at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts in Minneapolis, MN. Andrew’s teaching contributions include portraiture courses, basic drawing and painting courses, and workshops on various aspects of artistic expression. His passion for teaching allows him to inspire and guide aspiring artists along their own creative journeys.
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