Boatyard - Quarter Moon 12x24-painting by Carl Bretzkephotographed by Mitch Rossow

Boatyard – Quarter Moon 12×24

by Carl Bretzke

Here’s another great nocturne by Carl Bretzke. Boatyard Quarter Moon just won a 1st place sponsor award at the Minnesota State Fair, congratulations Carl! Submitting a painting to a competition requires photography that’s faithful to the work and shows it in its best light. Oil nocturnes, or night paintings, are especially challenging to photograph.

Carl is the true master of nocturnes and even created a great instructional video on how to paint them,  you can watch a hour-long preview of it here.

Crop of full size high resolution photo to show detail.

Boatyard - Quarter Moon 12x24-painting byCarl Bretzkephotographed by Mitch Rossow-detail