Artwork Photography of Hardscrabble-24x30-Joe Paquet

Hardscrabble, 24×30

by Joe Paquet

Joe Paquet’s oil painting “Hardscrabble” depicts a rural American scene of the North Woods. Capturing the feeling of the painting depends on true color accuracy and observing the color relationships.

“When painting outdoors I become a voyeur by default — a curious watcher fascinated at once by how different we all are and yet how everything is connected.

From a safe distance (for the most part) I view the lives and work of strangers, getting  glimpses of their daily struggle for existence. It’s a strange thing to record the lives of others, while being largely unnoticed.

In quiet rural places and depressed cities, folks often do multiple, seasonal jobs — living by their grit and wits to put food on their table.

This level of harsh practicality breeds its own form of creativity — and a far reality from how many of us live. I am ever in awe of that brand of invention & survivability.

When I witness these things I am reminded of both how soft and fortunate I am.

So here’s to the everyday heros; those who get up every morning, despite disadvantages and overwhelming hardships and find meaning and purpose in a new day.

— Joe Paquet

Ojibwa Afternoon, Madeline Island
After The Rain, Cottonwood Canyon Road
Fractured by Joe Paquet
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