Artwork Photography of industrial-harmony-in-g-gold-28x40-Joe-Paquet

Industrial Harmony in G (Gold), 28×40

by Joe Paquet

Joe Paquet‘s reflections on this painting:

Painting outdoors is at its best a Living Experience in which the painting is informed by all of our senses. Yet, for me the distillation of a living visual experience is best done away from the experience itself.
It is indeed an irony that facts can actually diminish a visual truth, but that has been my experience.
A dictionary filled with words will never be a poem.
My intention must be clear and singular.
Ultimately, my subjective truth must be a balance of objective facts and subjective witness to the experience.
Once I have enough objective facts to harmonize with my sensory truth, I simply look at the painting and let it tell me what it needs.
It’s not always that easy – I often think I know better (ego).
I’m learning to be more patient, a better student – to look and listen for what comes back to me and leave the superfluous facts to the lawyers and accountants.
A little mystery is a good thing.

Fractured by Joe Paquet
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