Duluth Fog Company-Mary Pettis

Duluth Fog Company

by Mary Pettis

High Resolution Photo Detail

Here is crop of the painting. This is not a closeup photo, it’s a crop of the original high resolution photo of the entire painting.

Duluth Fog Company-Mary Pettis - detail

Testimonial from Mary Pettis

Mary Pettis Fine Art Oil Painting PhotographyI am an oil painter working in the contemporary style of expressive realism. Mitch Rossow has been my photographer for a few years now, and I have nothing but glowing words to describe what it is like to work with him. His photos have captured accurately the gamut of color palettes that I use, whether the subject is an 8×10” Plein Air flower study, the subtle gradations in 30×40” sunrises over the ocean, or large 4×6’ studio paintings of Italian villages and vistas.

I have had numerous paintings digitally scanned over the years, and I find that Mitch’s photos produce the same results for far less cost. We have sent his images to all venues including feature articles in national publications, international salons and competitions, and books and catalogs. It is wonderful to know that the photos I am sending are of the highest caliber, and meet all their specifications.

I need to add here that Mitch is a joy to work with, is very flexible and patient, and has a well trained, discerning eye.

Needless to say, I recommend him highly!
Mary Pettis

Fine Artwork Reproduction Photography

Specialized oil painting reproduction for artists, galleries and collectors. Artwork beautifully reproduced with no glare & accurate color at affordable prices.

Mitch produces high resolution images of artwork suitable for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints. The images are color corrected with even lighting across the entire surface.

Duluth Fog Company-Mary Pettis
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