Glowing Superior Painting by Sue Wipf

Glowing Superior

by Sue Wipf

How high is the resolution?

Here is a closeup detail of the high resolution photo of the painting above:

Glowing Superior-Painting by Sue Wipf - detail

Artwork Photography for Sue Wipf

Sue Wipf lives by an environmental lake frequented by trumpeter swans, great blue herons, eagles, hawks and ducks, allows her the privilege of observing beauty every day.  Also nearby are 2600 acres of parkland with native prairie grasses and flowers.  “Though realistic in my painting technique, I look for the wondrous abstract patterns in nature and still life, and strive for the less is more philosophy. Painting outdoors brings excitement in capturing the emotion of that moment through color and light.”

Vermeer, Sargent, Turner, Sorolla have influenced Sue. She has studied at the Schroeder Studio and taken workshops from Master artists.

Sue Wipf is a member of Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, and an associate member of Oil Painters of America, Women Artists of the West, Plein Air Artists Colorado and the American Impressionist Society.

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