Artwork Photography of Summer Storm, 8x12

Of Heaven and Earth, 8×12

by Joe Paquet

Plein Air painter Joe Paquet‘s portrays the everyday lives of those living and working around him. He draws inspiration from the alleys and streets in downtown St. Paul to taconite plants on the Iron Range in Minnesota. Paquet teaches and paints in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Joe was my first artwork photography client. I studied painting as one of his students and convinced him that he needed a website back in 2007; it was at that time he asked me to see if I could photograph his paintings. It took a while, but I developed the techniques I use today by constantly striving to accurately reproduce his amazing paintings.

Prairie Requiem 28x40
Castaway-8x12-Joe Paquet
Quiet Anchor 8x12
Noonday Fog, Two Harbors 8x12