Cheryl LeClair-Sommer painting photographed by Mitch Rossow - Golden Mountainside

Golden Mountainside

by Cheryl LeClair Sommer

How high is the resolution?

Here is a closeup detail of the high resolution photo of the painting above:

Artwork Photography for Cheryl LeClair Sommer

Artist Cheryl LeClair Sommer

Cheryl LeClair Sommer is an accomplished artist specializing in oils and soft pastels. She has honed her skills through workshops with renowned artists including Joe Paquet and drawing cooperatives.

Cheryl’s work has been recognized in national exhibits and outdoor painting competitions, earning her a Master Circle award from IAPS and a feature on “MN Original.” As a member of several art organizations, including Oil Painters of America and Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, Cheryl aims to continue mastering her craft, creating larger pieces, teaching, and exhibiting nationally.

Currently residing in a St. Paul suburb, Cheryl also paints landscapes in western Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula, and Tahoe.

More about Cheryl LeClair Sommer

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