A Slice of Heaven - painting by Jeff Hurinenko photographed by Mitch Rossow

A Slice of Heaven

by Jeff Hurinenko

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A Slice of Heaven - painting by Jeff Hurinenko photographed by Mitch Rossow - detail

Artwork Photography for Jeff Hurnenko

Jeff Hurinenko (b. 1962) is a native Minnesotan who graduated from the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Shortly after graduation he began apprenticing with artist Charles Kapsner, who was trained in Italy at Studio Simi, and learned Italian methods of painting. Hurinenko trained with Kapsner for a five-year period. He was also influenced by Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Vermeer, Bouguereau and Fantin Latour. Hurinenko was intrigued by their varied methods of underpainting and transparent layering of color. He learned the differences and similarities between their schools of thought and found that there are advantages and limitations to every style of painting.

Jeff Hurinenko incorporates the unique techniques of the Italian, Dutch and Flemish into his paintings today.

Jeff uses a combination of bistre, grisaille and direct methods for his initial lay in.  He then layers transparent colors over one another in glazes to give his paintings depth and inner luminosity. Thus his paintings bring to life the people, places and events they portray.

Hurinenko primarily paints portraits and genre scenes, but also works in still life, landscape, figure, and interiors. He co-directed Hurinenko & Paquet Studio, which was established in 1997. The school was located in St. Paul, MN and Jeff teached the Dutch and Flemish techniques in both portrait and still life classes to graduate level artists.

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