Formidable - Bison in Rut - painting by Johanna Lerwick photographed by Mitch Rossow

Formidable – Bison in Rut

by Johanna Lerwick

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Artwork Photography for Johanna Lerwick

Johanna’s painting style is Realism and it was through independent study that she has learned techniques for rendering fur, feathers and other anatomical features of a variety of birds and wildlife. To ensure authenticity of her subjects she studies each animal in their natural habitat and paints them within their specific environment. The most important aspects of her paintings that she wants to convey are; direction, mood and a sensory communion with nature. When you experience Johanna’s wildlife paintings, in the majority of her artwork your eyes are directed to the eyes of her animal subjects whose focus seem to rest beyond the canvas and you are left to wonder, “What has the animals attention?” She establishes mood in her compositions through color, and the manipulation light and shadow. Johanna paints using a multiple layer technique to build the density of the animal’s fur and very fine brush stokes to create bird’s feathers, and animal whiskers, her painstakingly detailed renderings gives the viewer the sensation of being able to reach out and touch the fur of the animal, or feel the wetness of it’s coat as it swims or hunts in a river.

As a full time Artist, Johanna is living her dream career and her passion for wildlife extends beyond painting, as she also donates proceeds from some of her work toward animal conservation and wildlife educational programs.

by Leah Mealing, from Johanna’s website

Signature Member, AFC – Artists For Conservation
Associate Member, WAOW  – Women Artists of the West
Associate Member, AWA  –  American Women Artists
International Guild of Realism – IGOR
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Johanna Lerwick

Johanna Lerwick