Feelin' Groovy-Matthew Rucker

Feelin’ Groovy

by Matthew Rucker

Feelin' Groovy detail-Matthew Rucker

Feelin’ Groovy – detail

This zoom-in of the original photo shows the level of detail of the full-size file. The images on this website are reduced in size and quality to enhance download speed (and to prevent unauthorized reproduction).

Matthew Rucker

Matthew Rucker is a colorblind painter who loves to play with color. He is a surrealist who believes that life is too short to spend it painting things as they are. So he paints things as he feels they should be. Specifically he is an artist who combines depth and humor to create paintings that simultaneously challenge and entertain.

Mitch’s photos of Matthew’s paintings were made specifically for printing on aluminum. He’s had great success selling prints of his work. You can learn more about selling prints in this article Increase Your Sales buy Offering Prints.


Matthew Rucker and his wife Amira Freidson

Matthew Rucker on Working with Mitch

I’ve tried to photograph my own work for years, and it never worked well. I couldn’t get the painting square. Neither the color nor the detail could be captured properly, and they were barely usable for my portfolio and website.

I’ve also used professional scans of my paintings. While these turned out better than my personal photographs, details were often lost, the color wasn’t always accurate, and I had issues with banding when producing prints.

I’ve used several professional photographers that specialize in art documentation. Including at local museums. None have come close to capturing the amount of detail and accuracy that Mitch achieves with his photographs.

See more of his art and learn more about this amazing artist at: www.matthewrucker.com

Paintings I’ve Photographed for Matthew Rucker

Click on the paintings to see larger image and more details about each painting. Actual files provided are up to 36 megapixel images. Details and pricing are here.