Cafe by Painting by Paul Oxborough


by Paul Oxborough

How high is the resolution?

Here is a closeup detail of the high resolution photo of the painting above:

Cafe-by-Paul Oxborough - detail

Artist Paul Oxborough is a world-renown oil portrait artist. For instance, his subjects range from casual interiors to portraits including the official portrait of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. Additionally both the Scottish & British National Portrait Galleries  have exhibited his works numerous times. His portrait of Chuck Close  won a competition at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Paintings I’ve photographed for Paul Oxborough

Merchant Bar 48 x 64 - painting by Paul Oxborough photographed by Mitch Rossow
Black Bar 23x29-painting by Paul Oxboroughphotographed by Mitch Rossow
The Connaught Hotel 21x28-painting by Paul Oxboroughphotographed by Mitch Rossow
Bemelmans Bartenders 36x48-painting by Paul Oxborough-photographed by Mitch Rossow