Speak Low, Shanghai 38x52-painting by Paul Oxborough

Despite the overwhelming size of this painting, the lighting is even across the whole image. The darks stay with no glare. The brushstrokes are revealed, yet no distracting shadows. I’m proud to capture this painting as it is meant to be seen.

Speak Low, Shanghai 38×52 Inches

by Paul Oxborough

How high is the resolution?

Here is a closeup detail of the high resolution photo of the painting above:

Speak Low, Shanghai 38x52-painting by-Paul Oxborough-detail

Artist Paul Oxborough is a world-renown oil portrait artist. For instance, his subjects range from casual interiors to portraits including the official portrait of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. Additionally both the Scottish & British National Portrait Galleries  have exhibited his works numerous times. His portrait of Chuck Close  won a competition at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Paintings I’ve photographed for Paul Oxborough

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Speak Low, Shanghai 38x52-painting by Paul Oxborough
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