William McClaren, Waterfall Series 2

Waterfall Series, #2

by William McClaren

Artwork Photography for William McClaren

William McClarenAlthough I’m a middle-aged man, I’m a young painter. In my artistic experience so far, inspiration has been wide-ranging and my painterly reactions have been stylistically diverse. Recently I’ve been organizing my work around particular subjects, such as a backyard lily pool, or a visit to a foreign country, or a collection of old silver serving pieces. My interpretation is sometimes abstracted and sometimes realistic. I apply layers of opaque and transparent oil paint to a canvas or panel surface, building up a rich surface that may be heavily textured or eggshell smooth. The colors I choose are sometimes bright and intense, and sometimes subdued and darkly dramatic. A goal of my practice is to create pieces that have an immediate visual impact and also reward repeated close looking.

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Garden Pool Series, #5 by Wil McClaren
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William McClaren, Waterfall Series 2
Garden Pool Series, William McClaren