Have you ever been confused by a painting that you saw in person because it looked different than the photo?

Most likely, your artwork’s ‘first impression’ won’t be made in person, it will be with a photograph.

Over the past 10 years as a professional artwork photographer, I’ve developed and refined a proprietary system to affordably and accurately capture all the details, color and nuances of your artwork.

My unique photographic style lets your painting ‘be itself’ so it can make an authentic introduction to your fans & buyers.

The person who falls in love with the photo I create of your painting will have their expectations met by your artwork in person.

And, after it has found its new home, you will always have a photograph to remember it by.

Fine Artwork Reproduction Photography

Specialized oil painting reproduction for artists, galleries and collectors. Artwork beautifully reproduced with no glare & accurate color at affordable prices.

I produce high resolution images of artwork suitable for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints. The images are color corrected with even lighting across the entire surface. I use the latest digital technology and professional equipment for accurate reproduction.

As an artist, it is crucial to have good images of your work for marketing & press, to share with existing collectors and as a record for yourself. After all, once you sell a piece, it is no longer available to inform you about your progress or for marketing & press coverage.

As a collector, images of the works you hold are important for inventory and insurance purposes and to aid you in sharing works with institutions and individuals.

Though oil painting photography makes up the majority of my work, I also photograph watercolors, acrylics, drawings and other 2-dimensional art. Though oil paintings are the most difficult to photograph because of the glare; my lighting process, accurate color correction and high resolution images benefit the reproduction of all mediums.

Pricing & Specs

Recent Oil Painting Photography

Winslow at Rest - painting by Jack Dant photographed by Mitch Rossow

Winslow at Rest

by Jack Dant
Fruits of Reflection - painting by James Vose photographed by Mitch Rossow

The Fruits of Reflection

by James Vose
White Peonies - painting by Steve Levin photographed by Mitch Rossow

White Peonies

by Steven J. Levin
The Value of Change - painting by Pat Duncan photographed by Mitch Rossow

The Value of Change

by Patricia Duncan
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