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Mary Duncan
Mary Duncan
Thank you so much Mitch for your wonderful photographs of the pastel and oil paintings that I bring to you, along with some of my students' work too. The quality and the care that you take to photograph everyone’s work is so much appreciated! You are a true gem!
James Vose
James Vose
Very high quality images of paintings with excellent color fidelity.
Steven Levin
Steven Levin
I’m a professional oil painter working in a very classical style, and Mitch has been photographing all my work for more than 10 years. He has thought out every detail of the process and has his method down to perfection. I get perfectly focused, color balanced, large file images without a hint of glare every time. I would recommend Mitch to any artist looking for professional, high quality photos of their work.
Kevin Komadina
Kevin Komadina
I have used other photographers to make archival digital images of my paintings, and while there are many photographers who can provide adequate archival digital images, none compare to the quality provided by Mitch. Mitch's ability to capture the color, brush strokes, and depth of the painting is without rival. Prints made from his digital images are exquisite. Go with Mitch, you'll never switch.
Mary Pettis
Mary Pettis
I want to give a tip of the hat to Mitch during our time of social distancing! It was comforting to know that we could follow the guidelines while still being able to document my recent work before it is delivered to its destination. Mitch met me in my car outside and, with gloves hands, carried my paintings in to be beautifully photographed. Kudos and thanks, Mitch! Mary Pettis


I want to express my gratitude for your dedication to your business, which means your dedication to your clients! Your skilled work of photographing my paintings never disappoints. I am always extremely satisfied and amazed at the quality and your ability to capture the painting down to the smallest detail. Thank you!

Sue Wipf

Hats off to Mitch Rossow Photography for shooting my completed nocturne paintings and somehow eliminating all the surface glare.

Carl Bretzke Plein Air Painter

I am an oil painter working in the contemporary style of expressive realism. Mitch Rossow has been my photographer for a few years now, and I have nothing but glowing words to describe what it is like to work with him. His photos have captured accurately the gamut of color palettes that I use, whether the subject is an 8×10” Plein Air flower study, the subtle gradations in 30×40”  sunrises over the ocean, or large 4×6’ studio paintings of Italian villages and vistas…
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Mary Pettis Fine Art Oil Painting Photography

I would recommend anyone who needs art photography to avail themselves of Mitch Rossow Photography. We have worked together for 10 years and in that time has photographed and catalogued all my paintings besides managing all my website duties.
He believes in quality and craft.
Over the years he has refined his process to such an extent that the usual problems of glare and delicate color balance are no longer an issue.
For me personally his ability to hit subtle neutral tones and extremely nuanced tonal transitions make him the only choice to work with. Personally he is a courteous, punctual and easy to work with – a true professional.
Joe Paquet

Joe Paquet Portrait

Hey Mitch, just wanted to let you know that I had that same large hats painting photographed by another photographer that you had done for me because I wanted to compare the results.
Yours is by far the better one.
The old method I had been relying on of going from transparency first and then to a scan is really pretty inferior now that I see them side by side.
Wish I’d had you photographing my works these past many years. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks!
Steven J Levin

Self Portrait 2007

I’ve tried to photograph my own work for years, and it never worked well. I couldn’t get the painting square, neither the color nor the detail could be captured properly, and they were barely usable for my portfolio and website.
I’ve also used professional scans of my paintings. While these turned out better than my personal photographs, details were often lost, the color wasn’t always accurate, and I had issues with banding when producing prints.
I’ve used several professional photographers that specialize in art documentation, including at local museums. None have come close to capturing the amount of detail and accuracy that Mitch achieves with his photographs.
Matthew Rucker