Doug Berg painting photographed by Mitch Rossow - Barnyard Reflections - Doug Berg

Barnyard Reflections

by Doug Berg

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Doug Berg painting photographed by Mitch Rossow - Barnyard Reflections - Doug Berg

Doug Berg

Doug Berg, a seasoned landscape painter hailing from Osceola, Wisconsin, has woven a lifelong passion for art into the fabric of his being. His artistic journey began in his childhood, armed with paint-by-number sets that sparked a love for creation. Fond memories include trips to the local Dime Store in St. Croix Falls with his mother, eagerly selecting the next canvas for his imagination.

In 1983, Doug embarked on a transformative four-year study of Classical Realism under the guidance of Mary Pettis. Over the next 25 years, his focus primarily gravitated towards studio painting. However, a pivotal shift occurred when he was introduced to plein air painting by his fellow artist and business partner, Joyce Staley. Participating in plein air workshops with Mary Pettis opened up a world of possibilities for Doug, aligning seamlessly with his profound love for the outdoors.

Whether wandering through the woods, strolling fields, or navigating a boat on a northern lake, Doug Berg is continually captivated by the endless wonders of nature. His artistic process thrives in the embrace of the great outdoors, finding solace and inspiration in secluded spots, brush in hand behind his easel.

Doug Berg Plein Air Painting

Doug Berg’s plein air journey unfolded in 2012 during his inaugural participation in a plein air painting event. Since then, he has been a dedicated attendee at numerous events each year, relishing the opportunity to connect with fellow artists, forge new friendships, and, above all, celebrate the beauty of our Earth.

Beyond his canvas, Doug extends a heartfelt plea for environmental consciousness. Recognizing the irreplaceable nature of our planet, he encourages all to tread lightly and cherish the delicate balance of our shared home. As you explore the visual symphony of Doug Berg’s work, immerse yourself in the artist’s profound connection with nature, each brushstroke an invitation to appreciate the Earth’s timeless beauty.

Doug Berg and his business partner Joyce Stanley also manufacture and sell artist panels that many of my other clients use for their paintings.

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Doug Berg Lanscape Painter Artist

Doug Berg Lanscape Painter

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