Dyan Padgett painting photographed by Mitch Rossow - Blue Skies

Blue Skies 30×24

by Dyan Padgett

How high is the resolution?

Here’s a crop of the original full-size image.

Dyan Padgett Portrait

Be sure to stop by Dyan’s studio during Art Attack! November 10-12 2023. She’s in Studio 200, at the Northrup King Building. You can use the photos I take to create prints of your work to sell at Art Attack!, or for marketing and entering competitions. Contact me today!

Artwork Photography for Dyan Padgett

Dyan Padgett, a atelier-trained artist from Minneapolis paints incredibly detailed and colorful work.

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Artwork Photography

Specialized oil painting photography for artists, galleries and collectors. Artwork beautifully reproduced with no glare & accurate color at affordable prices.

Mitch produces high resolution artwork photography for use on websites, social media, email, magazine articles, ads or prints. The images are color corrected with even lighting across the entire surface.

Paintings I’ve Photographed for Dyan Padgett

Click on the paintings to see larger image and more details about each painting. Actual files provided are up to 36 megapixel images. Details and pricing are here.