Dance of Atoms-painting by Igor Dukic

Dance of Atoms

by Igor Dukic

Evening on the Arno 36x50-painting by Joe Paquet

Evening on the Arno

by Joe Paquet

At The Pulitzer Bar 54x72-painting by Paul Oxborough

At The Pulitzer Bar

by Paul Oxborough

Raindrop Abstract-painting by Carl Bretzke

Raindrop Abstract

by Carl Bretzke

Marty's Pond In Spring-painting by Mary Pettis

Marty’s Pond In Spring

by Mary Pettis

Round Barn-painting by Sue Wipf

Round Barn

by Sue Wipf

Speak Low, Shanghai 38x52-painting by Paul Oxborough

Speak Low, Shanghai

by Paul Oxborough

Foothills Crossroad 12x24 painting by Carl Bretzke

Foothills Crossroad

by Carl Bretzke

Toward Denver (Lasater) painting by Joe Paquet

Toward Denver (Lasater)

by Joe Paquet

Superior Forest-painting by Mary Pettis

Superior Forest

by Mary Pettis